We needed an easy to use CRM solution to follow with customers and manage our customer information database. POCO CRM delivers this and we are happy with the measurable impact on our lead management.

Rational Business CorporationAshok Gupta

POCO CRM is a brilliant tool to manage leads and have a good control over your lead activities. It definitely is a worthy option as compared to the traditional excel sheets. Also as compared to the other Providers in the market POCO CRM is cost effective and efficient. I have been using their services for the last 3 years and have no complaints!! Great work.

Ganga Flour MillSunil Goyal

We believe that by implementing POCO CRM we have saved 4000 hours in staffing resources per year. They truly understood the objectives we were looking to achieve for our business. Before offering a solution, Rechner ensure that they knew all our requirements and specifically aligned them with the appropriate system that would meet our needs.

Asean AdventuresMohit Aggarwal

POCO CRM has allowed ‘Client name’ to focus its time on its customers rather than the day-to-day paperwork.' The biggest challenge for the project was that there was very little time in which to train staff before a busy period occured. Rechner helped us greatly to manage the process through effective training and support. Rechner provided us with the support that we needed, by allowing us constant input into the creation process. There was also a high level of user-acceptance testing.

GangesSunil Goyal

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